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CCBM & Local Open Tournaments Info / April 6th Open
« Last post by Basscat7 on March 15, 2019, 10:11:01 AM »
Only 3 weeks to go before the 1st Chester County Open on April 6th.

Thanks for all the support from the teams who have been with us from the start and to all the potential new teams I've been hearing from this off season.

We averaged 42 boats a tournament last year with nice cash payout's and sponsor prizes and look forward to the 5 Opens this year and hopefully another fun season for everyone involved.

The regular $ 100.00 entry fee remains the same( Includes $ 10 lunker ).

Don't forget we have have the $ 60.00 Side Option Pot for teams wanting to up their winnings.

The Side Option Pot is strictly voluntary and does not figure into the regular winnings from the normal $ 100.00 TX entry fee.

Payout for the Option Pot.
1 - 10 boats - 1 spot paid 100 %
11 - 20 boats - 2 spots paid ( 60%  -  40 % )
21 boats and over 3 spots paid ( 60 / 30 / 10 )

Registration for the April 6th open can be by mail or at the ramp. We will be set up at 4:30 at the ramp deck.

mail in form, left side under sponsor logos :


This year we added a few new sponsors who have generously provided merchandise and gift cards for a few teams that finish out of the money :

Steak & Main Restaurant and Sushi bar in North East,  BUFF USA Sun wear,  GRUV fishing boxes,  Native Tungsten weights, Venom Lures,  Nichols Spinnerbaits and MRL Marine,

They join our returning sponsors, Susquehanna Fishing Tackle, River Bottom Reels, High Seas Line,  Zee Baits,  Bass Cat,  Serv Pro,  GRT Jigs,  Pro Action Restoration,  Jim Schmuckers Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair,  Dobyns Rods,  Cal Coast Clip n Cull, and Page Landscaping


We will pay $ 50 gift cards for the 2nd and 3rd lunkers this year :

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle will again have a $ 50.00 gift card for the 2nd Lunker in each of the 5 Opens.

Bass Cat will have a $ 50.00 gift card to the Marine parts store for the 3rd Lunker in each Open. They carry boat and trailer parts,  pumps, electronics mounts, etc.

All 5 Opens  are Bass Cat Quest sanctioned, if the winner is in a registered Bass Cat and there are 30 boats entered they will win $ 250.00 from Bass Cat ( $ 375.00 if both team members own a Bass Cat. )

60 boats will pay $ 500.00 for the win  ( $ 750.00 if both team members own a registered Bass Cat )

Thanks to all our Sponsors, they make a lot what we do possible.

For the Chester County Opens we will supply all contestants with mesh and rubber weigh bags, please make sure the bag is 3/4 filled with water when you bring your bass to the scales.

See you all there.
Reference Material / How to repair a chip or gouge in gelcoat
« Last post by Basscat7 on March 09, 2019, 10:48:24 PM »

Clean the chip area real well, lightly sand the edges to remove any loose particles, try to bevel the edges sloping into the repair area.

Make sure there are no ledges. Acetone on a rag cleans it real well.
Tape off the area around the repair.

Stay close to the repair. Make sure there are no tape ends in the sanding area. The purpose of the tape is to avoid a mess and protect the area around the repair from the sand paper.

Follow the instructions for mixing the catalyst into the gelcoat.

Usually mix about 1/2″ inch of Gelcoat in a non waxed paper cup with 5-6 drops of MEKP catalyst
 ( Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide ) , make sure you get this and not MEK.

Make sure to stir completely.

Build the gel a little over, as it will shrink some.

Standard gelcoat does not cure in air and needs to be covered to cure.

Any type of wax paper, mylar, cellophane, etc an be used to cover the repair while it cures.

Lay the wax paper directly onto the repair, it seals off the air so the gelcoat can cure.
Should be cured in 4 hours, but waiting overnight to sand is best.

If the surface is still sticky on top but the gelcoat is hard underneath, wipe off the tackiness with acetone so your wet sand paper does not gum up.
Acetone is also used for the cleanup.

Sand with 600-800 Wet sandpaper to get a smooth finish, keeping the paper wet, if sanding lines are still seen up the sandpaper to 1000-1200
Once you get the chip sanded smooth you can compound with a medium/fine grit compound and wax.
General Discussion / Cool Photo...
« Last post by Eli on March 07, 2019, 08:08:35 PM »
Swap/Sell / 36V Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor w/ Anchor Mode
« Last post by FishinDad on March 03, 2019, 11:36:09 AM »
52” 36V Xi5 wireless trolling motor w/ several upgrades.
$950 + shipping (if applicable)

-wireless remote
-wireless foot pedal
-spotlock function
-heading lock
-cruise control
-record and playback up to 8 routes
-pinpoint GPS gateway for linking Lowrance electronics
(allows you to run contours or between waypoints)
-handle upgrade for stow and deploy (also acts as a bounce buster)

In full transparency I upgraded from this trolling motor to an Ultrex. The reason was solely due to the style of fishing that I utilize does not lend itself to the wireless foot pedal with the Xi5. The Ultrex uses the traditional cable steer style of pedal so I can tell where the motor is pointed by the angle of the pedal. The Xi5 pedal goes to center every time so you have to look down to tell which direction you are heading and when you are in and out of dock pilings or moving around cover this can affect your focus. Not good for a tournament angler.

The electronic anchor feature on the Xi5 is great. You can jog 5’ in any direction per press of the button. The heading function is awesome as it maintains your track regardless of current or wind. I would put both of these features on par with the Ultrex at half the price. The link to Lowrance electronics was an additional selling point for me. The remote is intuitive while still allowing you to use all of the features. You can fish off the back of the boat while maintaining full control of the trolling motor at the bow. This is a powerful motor that is easy on the batteries at the same time. The Xi5 actually pulled my 20’ Basscat Cougar faster than my Ultrex can. Like I said if it wasn’t for the pedal design or if I fished offshore all the time I wouldn’t be selling this motor.

If we can avoid shipping such a bulky item it will save you the cost and me the hassle. I’m willing to travel up to 75 miles to meet for the exchange. If you are interested call or text Steve at 610-705-2659. Thank you.

(Pics available upon request)
General Discussion / Game Wardens getting more aggressive
« Last post by Eli on March 02, 2019, 10:59:21 PM »
General Discussion / Re: MD 2018 Tournament Report
« Last post by stephansiroch on March 01, 2019, 10:02:39 PM »
That’s some good stuff
The Chester County Upper Bay Open Series has been certified to be Quest eligible for the Bass Cat prize money again in 2019 for our 5 Open tournaments.

To be eligible for Quest money you have to be either :

The original owner of a 2000 or newer Bass Cat.


If you bought a used boat ( 2000 or newer with the Lifetime Warranty Status )  you can call Bass Cat or fill out the online form below and transfer( register) the lifetime warranty into your name.

For older boats from 1999 back you must call Bass Cat to register.

Tournaments must have 30 boats to be eligible.

If you win one of our Open tournaments out of a registered Bass Cat you will need to have your photo taken at weigh in with a Bass Cat hat, shirt or jacket on ( not all 3 ).
There is an online form you fill out in the link below and send in along with the pic, this must be sent in within 30 days of the tournament.

If you win one of our Opens in a registered Bass Cat and there are 30 boats in the tournament you will receive $ 250.00 from Bass Cat. If both people in the boat own a Bass Cat and both are registered with Bass Cat they will receive an additional $ 125.00 for a total of $ 375.00

For 60 boats or more the prize money jumps to $ 500.00 for a win in a registered Cat and if both own a registered Bass Cat $ 750.00.

Over 100 boats it is $ 1000.00. for a win in a registered Cat and $1500.00 if both own a registered Bass Cat.


Quest Rules :

Quest Winner Submission Form :

Online Warranty / Quest submission Form

Swap/Sell / Re: Selling My 2004 Skeeter SL190
« Last post by DRafto on February 20, 2019, 12:11:30 PM »
Thank you Sean!
Swap/Sell / Re: Selling My 2004 Skeeter SL190
« Last post by Xm Sean on February 20, 2019, 12:09:51 PM »
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