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CCBM Opens
« on: March 20, 2017, 09:14:53 AM »
Only 2 weeks to go before the 1st Chester County Open on April 1st.

15 day forecast has temps warming into the low 60's by that weekend.

Thanks for all the support from the teams who have been with us from the start and to all the potential new teams I've been hearing from for this season.

We averaged 33 boats a tournament last year with nice cash payout's and sponsor prizes and look forward to the 5 Opens this year and hopefully another fun season for everyone involved.

This year we added a few new sponsors who have generously provided merchandise and gift cards for a few teams that finish out of the money, Dobyns Rods, Cal Coast Clip n Cull, Zee Baits and Wood Boat and Motor.
They join our returning sponsors, Susquehanna Fishing Tackle, River Bottom Reels, Cabela's, High Seas Line, Sunoco, Bass Cat, Nauti Goose, Ashford Farm, Serv Pro, GRT Jigs, Pro Action Restoration and Jim Schmuckers Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair.

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle will again have a $ 50.00 gift card or the 2nd Lunker in each of the 5 Opens.

All 5 Opens ( and the August 19th Big Bass tournament ) are Bass Cat Quest sanctioned, if the winner is in a registered Bass Cat and there are 30 boats entered they will win $ 250.00 from Bass Cat ( $ 375.00 if both team members own a Bass Cat. )

Thanks to all our Sponsors, they make a lot what we do possible.

Chester County worked with Dr. Joe Love, Head of the Maryland DNR Tidal Fisheries to set up the release tanks/Station at Anchor Marine. All tournaments with more than 10 boats must use the aerated weigh in and recovery / release tanks.
You must notify Anchor Marine and Fred the ramp master if you're club is going to be launching a tournament out of Anchor so they can coordinate weigh in times for the tanks.

Maryland has banned any culling clips that puncture a hole in the fish. You can no longer use the stringer style clips to pierce a hole in the bass.

For the Chester County Opens we will supply all contestants with mesh and rubber weigh bags, please make sure the bag is 3/4 filled with water when you bring your bass to the scales.

Registration for the April 1st open can be by mail or at the ramp. We will be set up at 4:45 at the ramp deck.

mail in form on left side of page :

See you all there.

Chester County Bass Masters Open # 1
Saturday April 1st, 2017

Chester County Bass Masters is holding an open, buddy tournament on Saturday April 1st, 2017 on the Northeast River (Susquehanna Flats) out of Anchor Marine. Buddy or Solo - 5 fish limit.

Entry fee: $90.00 per boat
Prize money: 80% payback
Registration : 5:00 - 6:30 a.m. at the ramp (Anchor Marina) or ( Mail In from form below )
Launch: First light ( 6:30 a.m. )
Tx ends at 2:30 (number must be turned in at registration table)
Weigh-in: 2:45 pm
pay 1 spot for every 5 boats
Lunker pool: $10.00 per boat; 100% payback.

Field Format: One or two anglers per boat, 5 fish per team.

$50.00 Susquehanna Fishing Tackle gift card to the Second lunker
$50.00 Cabela's Christiana Mall store gift card to first team out of the money
$50.00 Zee Bait Company gift card to 2nd team out of the money
$50.00 River Bottom Reels gift card to 3rd team out of the money
$50.00 Nauti Goose Restaurant gift card to 4th team out of the money
Hi Seas Line pack to the 5th team out of the money
$25.00 Sunoco gas card to 6th team out of the money
40% off cards for Dobyns rods to winning team and random draws for the first 2 Opens

Downloadable entry form can be found on our Open Tx Page, left side :

Once again this year CCBM will reward the overall top 3 point-accumulating teams for the 2017 Open tournaments with end of the season prizes. To be eligible one member must be signed up as the captain, and, along with any partner(s), his team accumulates points toward the year-end point total.

We will count points for 4 out of the 5 Opens toward final standings.

First place overall points winner will receive $250.00 in Susquehanna Fishing Tackle gift cards.

Second place overall points winner will receive 2 Dobyns rods, total retail value of $220.00

Third place overall points winner will receive $125.00 in Sunoco gas cards.


1 - 5 fish limit per boat. Largemouth or Smallmouth. 15 inches
2 - 8-ounce penalty per dead fish
3 - Artificial lures only. No live bait
4 - All 2017 Maryland fishing and boating laws will apply
5 - All boats must be equipped with an operational aerated live well (10 gal min.)
6 - All boats must have all safety equipment available
7 - All boats must be inspected before launching
8 - No alcohol or illegal drugs permitted
9 - A 1 lb. per minute penalty will be assessed for late return, up to 15 minutes. After 15 you are
10 - Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a disqualification
11 - Please keep a courtesy distance from other boats
12 - Trolling as a means of fishing is prohibited
13 - In the event of a tie, the most-alive fish wins. If still a tie, the largest fish wins
14 - The decision of the Tournament Director is final
15 - There will be no fishing after your boat number is turned in at weigh-in
16 - It is up to you to have liability insurance coverage on your boat
17 - Solo entries are allowed
18 - Ramp fee is responsibility of the boater.
19 - Life vests must be worn when gas motor is running and kill switch attached when boat is in gear.
20 - Weigh bags will be provided for contestants to use.
21 - Off Limits :

1 - A diagonal line from the fixed fishing pier at the town park to the east ( Blue house ) side of the first canal on the left as you leave the marina, this includes the entire Anchor Marina basin and Nauti Goose docks.
2 - Below a west-east line across bay from south point of Bush River to south point of Still Pond Cove. The Bush River and Still Pond will be the southernmost fishable waters for the Opens

Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.