Author Topic: 36V Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor w/ Anchor Mode  (Read 66 times)


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36V Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor w/ Anchor Mode
« on: March 03, 2019, 11:36:09 AM »
52” 36V Xi5 wireless trolling motor w/ several upgrades.
$950 + shipping (if applicable)

-wireless remote
-wireless foot pedal
-spotlock function
-heading lock
-cruise control
-record and playback up to 8 routes
-pinpoint GPS gateway for linking Lowrance electronics
(allows you to run contours or between waypoints)
-handle upgrade for stow and deploy (also acts as a bounce buster)

In full transparency I upgraded from this trolling motor to an Ultrex. The reason was solely due to the style of fishing that I utilize does not lend itself to the wireless foot pedal with the Xi5. The Ultrex uses the traditional cable steer style of pedal so I can tell where the motor is pointed by the angle of the pedal. The Xi5 pedal goes to center every time so you have to look down to tell which direction you are heading and when you are in and out of dock pilings or moving around cover this can affect your focus. Not good for a tournament angler.

The electronic anchor feature on the Xi5 is great. You can jog 5’ in any direction per press of the button. The heading function is awesome as it maintains your track regardless of current or wind. I would put both of these features on par with the Ultrex at half the price. The link to Lowrance electronics was an additional selling point for me. The remote is intuitive while still allowing you to use all of the features. You can fish off the back of the boat while maintaining full control of the trolling motor at the bow. This is a powerful motor that is easy on the batteries at the same time. The Xi5 actually pulled my 20’ Basscat Cougar faster than my Ultrex can. Like I said if it wasn’t for the pedal design or if I fished offshore all the time I wouldn’t be selling this motor.

If we can avoid shipping such a bulky item it will save you the cost and me the hassle. I’m willing to travel up to 75 miles to meet for the exchange. If you are interested call or text Steve at 610-705-2659. Thank you.

(Pics available upon request)