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Chester County Upper Bay Opens
« on: March 13, 2020, 12:58:39 PM »
Only 3 weeks to go before the 1st Chester County Open on April 4th.

Thanks for all the support from the teams who have been with us from the start and to all the potential new teams I've been hearing from this off season.

This will be our 10th season running the CCBM Opens on the Upper Bay.

We averaged  52  boats a tournament last year with some large cash payout's plus some really nice sponsor prizes given away to the first 10 teams out of the money. We also have sponsor prizes for 3 additional lunkers after the cash Lunker so weigh your fish and stick around after weigh in to collect.

We will have a $ 50 Cabelas card for the largest single smallmouth weighed in each open.

We will also have a $ 200 card for Rhino Linings of Delaware Custom Truck Shop to be given each Open.

For the first 2 Opens the Rhino card will go to the lightest bag weighed in.  For the last 3 Opens the card will go to the lightest 5 fish limit weighed in.

We look forward to the 5 Opens this year and hopefully another fun season for everyone involved.

The regular $ 100.00 entry fee remains the same( Includes the $ 10 lunker ).

Don't forget we have have the $ 60.00 Side Option Pot for teams wanting to up their winnings.

The Side Option Pot is strictly voluntary and does not figure into the regular winnings from the normal  $ 100.00 TX entry fee.

Payout for the Option Pot.

1 - 10 boats - 1 spot paid 100 %
11 - 20 boats - 2 spots paid ( 60% - 40 % )
21 boats and over 3 spots paid ( 60 / 30 / 10 )

Registration for the April 4th open can be by mail or at the ramp. We will be set up at 4:30 at the ramp deck.

mail in form, left side under sponsor logos :


This year we added a few new sponsors who have generously provided merchandise and gift cards for a few teams that finish out of the money :

Simms Fishing will give a pair of Challenger Rain Suits  ( $ 800.00 ) to one of the top 3 End of year teams.

Eastern Marine of Newark and The Trailer Superstore

Cabelas of Christiana Mall,

Limitaker Lures ( custom painted crankbaits ),

Hydracoat Systems

Hayabusa Hooks

They join our returning sponsors:

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle,  High Seas Line,  Zee Baits,  Bass Cat,  Serv Pro,   MRL Marine,  Pro Action Restoration,  Jim Schmuckers Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair,  Dobyns Rods,  Cal Coast Clip n Cull,          Page Landscaping,  Steak & Main Restaurant and Sushi bar in North East,  BUFF USA Sun wear,  GRUV fishing boxes,  Native Tungsten weights, Batteries Plus Store,  Venom Lures, and Nichols Spinnerbaits.


We will pay $ 50 gift cards for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lunkers this year :

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle will again have a $ 50.00 gift card for the 2nd Lunker in each of the 5 Opens.

Bass Cat will have a $ 50.00 gift card to the Marine parts store for the 3rd Lunker in each Open. They carry boat and trailer parts, pumps, electronics mounts, etc.

Batteries Plus store in Springfield will have a $ 50 store card for the 4th lunker, they carry a complete line of USA made Marine batteries by Duracell and X2.

All 5 Opens are Bass Cat Quest sanctioned, if the winner is in a registered Bass Cat and there are 30 boats entered they will win $ 250.00 from Bass Cat ( $ 375.00 if both team members own a Bass Cat. )

60 boats will pay $ 500.00 for the win ( $ 750.00 if both team members own a registered Bass Cat )

Thanks to all our Sponsors, they make a lot what we do possible.

For the Chester County Opens we will supply all contestants with mesh and rubber weigh bags, please make sure the bag is 3/4 filled with water when you bring your bass to the scales.

See you all there.

CCBM Open Team.

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