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Northeast River ( Susky Flats ) Open TX - August 10th - RESULTS POSTED

Started by Basscat7, July 16, 2013, 02:57:04 PM

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Saturday August 10th, 2013

Sponsored by:

Bass Cat
Pro -Tec Polish
V-T2 livewell Vents
St. Croix
Sea Specs Fishing Glasses
D-2 Lures
The Tackle Depot

Chester County Bass Masters is holding an open, buddy tournament on Saturday August 10th, 2013 on the Northeast River (Susquehanna Flats) out of Anchor Marine. Buddy or Solo - 5 fish limit

Entry fee: $90.00 per boat
Prize money: 80% payback
Registration: 4:00 - 5:00 am at the ramp (Anchor Marina)
Launch: 5:15 am
Weigh-in: 2:30 pm

Lunker pool: $10.00 per boat; 100% payback.
Field Format: One or two anglers per boat, 5 fish per team. 49 boat limit.

Downloadable entry form can be found on the Open Page , here :


you may enter at the ramp

Chester County Bass Masters reserves the right to refuse participation in any and all club sponsored tournaments or events to an individual or group who has been disqualified from club or non-club tournaments or events for unsportsmanlike conduct. All entrance fees will be forfeited if adverse conduct occurs during a tournament or event resulting in disqualification.


1 - 5 fish limit per boat. Largemouth or Smallmouth. 12" or greater in length. (Short fish brought to the scales will result in loss of biggest fish)
2 - 8-ounce penalty per dead fish
3 - Artificial lures only. No live bait
4 - All 2013 Maryland fishing and boating laws will apply
5 - All boats must be equipped with an operational aerated live well (10 gal min.)
6 - All boats must have all safety equipment available
7 - All boats must be inspected before launching
8 - No alcohol or illegal drugs permitted
9 - A 1 lb. Per. minute penalty will be assessed for late return, up to 15 minutes. After 15 you are disqualified.
10 - Unsportsmanlike like conduct may result in a disqualification
11 - Please keep a courtesy distance from other boats
12 - Trolling as a means of fishing is prohibited
13 - In the event of a tie, the most-alive fish wins. If still a tie, the largest fish wins
14 - The decision of the Tournament Director is final
15 - There will be no fishing after your boat number is turned in at weigh-in
16 - It is up to you to have liability insurance coverage on your boat
17 - Solo entries are allowed
18 - Ramp fee is responsibility of the boater.
Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.


Added a new sponsor for the Chester County Open Tournaments.  Stop in an see them , they are carrying all the top name bass gear, and Salt Water gear also.

    The Tackle Depot, Inc
    Towne Center of Frazer
    477 Lancaster Avenue, #106
    Frazer ( Malvern), PA 19355
    Phone: 484-318-8710
    Fax: 484-713-5200

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Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.


Weather looks great for tomorrow ;

Charlestown, Md:
Partly cloudy. High of 82F. Winds from the NW at 5 to 10 mph.
Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.


After fishing  in a post storm deluge of debris filled muddy water and near gale force winds for the first 2 Opens, the 3rd of 5 CCBM Upper Bay Opens finally was graced with decent weather as 24 teams started a muggy August morning looking for largemouth on the Flats.

15 limits were brought in to the 2:30 weigh in at Anchor Marine, with 3 nice bags over 20 pounds.

The 7th place team of Clyde and Hannah Brown brought 5  bass for 17.55 lbs and 6th place team of John Valdez and Ed Davis brought in 17.06 lbs. Both teams finished just out of the money and received sponsor products from Pro-Tec boat Polish/Sealant and The Tackle Depot in Malvern, Pa.

Taking 5th place money was the team of Donald Haskins and Rob Steiner with a limit weighing 18.19 lbs.

4th place money went to Ken Regalbato and Troy Polhamus with another nice bag weighing 18.50 lbs.

3rd place cash went to the team of John Shumate and James Bricker with a nice limit weighing 20.79 lbs, anchored with a big fish topping the scale at 5.94 lbs.

2nd place money went to the team of Ken Woods and Willie Barrat with another great bag weighing in at 21.84 Lbs with their big fish coming in at 5.32 lbs.

Taking home First place cash and Lunker money was the team of Keith and Zach Cowan who brought 5 bass to the scales topping out at 22.20 pounds including the tournament Lunker. a healthy 6.83 largemouth.

Thanks to all 24 teams that participated, see you at the next CCBM Open on September 7 out of Anchor marine.

August 10th CCBM Upper Bay Open results

1st -  Cowan/Cowan -       5 fish - 22.20 Lbs.  - Lunker - 6.83
2nd - Wood/Barrat -          5 fish - 21.84 Lbs.  - big fish - 5.32
3rd - Shumate/Bricker -     5 fish - 20.79 Lbs.  - big fish - 5.94
4th - Regalbato/Polhamus - 5 fish - 18.50 Lbs.
5th - Haskins/Steiner -       5 fish - 18.19 Lbs.
6th - Brown/Brown -          5 fish - 17.55 Lbs.
7th - Valdez/Davis -          5 fish - 17.06 Lbs.
8th - Croce/Natale -         5 fish - 16.47 Lbs.
9th - Piccolo/McGonegal - 5 fish - 16.43 Lbs.
10th - Perkasiewicz/Ludwig - 5 fish - 15.47 Lbs.
11th - Townsend -            5 fish - 14.98 Lbs.
12th - Ashby/Andrews -    5 fish 14.51 Lbs.
13th - Geerlof/Horne-        5 fish - 11.90 Lbs.
14th - Clevenger/Clevenger - 5 fish - 11.42 Lbs.
15th - Staib/Staib -            5 fish - 9.76 Lbs.
16th - Stinley/Shaver -    4 fish - 8.59 Lbs.
17th - Weimar/Weimar -   4 fish - 7.46 Lbs.
18th - Johnson/Jowers -   2 fish - 6.52 Lbs.
19th - Waeckel/Paul -     3 fish - 5.55 Lbs.
20th - Sirochman/Sirochman - DNW
20th - Lutz/Lombardo - DNW
20th - Pratt/Pratt - DNW
20th - White/Kappenstein - DNW
20th - Harvey/Harvey - DNW







New Sponsor "The Tackle Depot"
Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.