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Chester County Bass Masters November 17th Upper Bay Open RESULTS
« on: November 21, 2018, 02:40:52 PM »
Chester County Bass Masters held the last of their 5 Open tournaments for 2018 on November 17th out of Anchor Marine in North East, Maryland.
The TX had been originally scheduled for the 11th but Gale warnings forced the move to the 17th.

28 Teams showed up on a cold fall Saturday to search for some of the Upper Bay’s largemouth that had been on the feed the past few weeks with the cooler water temps.

Air temps at launch were around 32, but thankfully no wind. The tournament launched at 6:30 under partly cloudy skies, some sun helped get the temp up mid morning. Temps eventually reached 42 at weigh in.

Water temps were in the 41 to 42-degree range depending on where you fished, with mostly stained to muddy water color.

Launch was on a falling tide, high was 5:30 am with a low around 12:30. A major cold front with snow and high winds came thru Thursday afternoon.
Fishing was tough for most. Throw in the low water temps and it was a challenge to find any active fish.

5 teams brought 5 limits of bass to the scales for the 2:30 weigh in with 5 bags over 10 pounds.

A couple big girls were caught with 3 bass over 5 pounds weighed in.

6 cash places were paid, along with 11 sponsor prizes from Susquehanna Tackle, Bass Cat, River Bottom Reels, Cabela's of Christiana Mall, Sunoco, Hi Seas fishing line, Zee Bait Company, Dobyns Rods, GRT Jigs, and Boomerang Tool Company

17 boats participated in the $ 60 option pot which paid out 2 spots.

Total payout was $ 3916
Cash payout's were $ 3,316 along with $ 600 in Sponsor prizes.

Thanks to everyone who came out to fish, we and our sponsors appreciate the support and friendly competition. We'll see you for the 1st CCBM Open in early spring 2019.

We will be running 5 Opens again in 2019 with point totals being kept for your best 4 of the 5 tournaments. As in past years the top 5 teams for the season will receive prize packages to be determined.

2019 schedule will be posted soon to our Chester County Open Tournament Series facebook page :

First place payout went to the team of Mike Piccolo and Bill Ville. They had a great day, winning by over 1.5 pounds on a day when limits were hard to come by. Their five bass went 16.91 pounds. Included in that impressive bag was a healthy 5.96 fat girl which earned them the TX Lunker and the $ 280 cash that went with it.

The team also took home first place in the Option Pot, another $ 612 to their total.
Congrats to the team on a fantastic day.

Second Place cash was won by the team of Eric McNulty and Doug Rehm who brought 5 fish to the scales that went 15.22 pounds to just beat out the 3rd place team. Another nice bag of Upper Bay Bass on a day the fish were not cooperating.
The Team also won the second lunker award, a $ 50 Susquehanna Fishing Tackle card bringing in a 5.83 largemouth.

Third Place money went to the team of Maurice Hudson and Adam Satanoff whose bag was one short of a limit. Their 4 fish pushed the scale to 15.17 pounds, narrowly missing 2nd place by .05 of a pound. Nice weight on a tough day.
Maurice and Adam also entered into the $ 60 Side Pot. Their weight was good for 2nd place in the Option Pot garnering them an extra $ 408 added top their 3rd place winnings.
The team also won the 3rd Lunker, a $ 50 Bass Cat Parts store gift card with a fish that weighed in at 5.31 Lbs.

Fourth Place coin went to last years points champions, Keith and Zach Cowan with another good bag, the pair weighed in a limit for 14.61 lbs with a big bass of 4.49 Lbs. Great bag for the day.

Fifth Place cash was won by Duane Essick and Jay Pirollo who brought in 5 bass for an impressive 13.74 pounds and a big fish of 3.52 lbs. Good day of fishing in tough conditions.

6th Place and the final cash spot went to the team of Frank Arthur and JR Robertson who brought in a limit of bass for 9.61 pounds with a big fish of 2.83 pounds.

7th Place and the First boat to finish just out of the money was awarded a $ 50.00 gift card from Cabela's at the Christiana Mall.
The Cabela's card was collected by Ken Cassella and Bruce Reichert who brought 4 fish to the scales for 9.02 Lbs. with a 3.10 Lb. big fish.

8th Place and a $ 50.00 River Bottom Reels card for reel repair and maintenance from Kevin Geesey in Elizabethown, Pa. was collected by the team of Luke Shrader and Cliff Humphreys who brought 4 fish to the table for 8.16 Lbs. and a big fish of 2.29 Lbs.

9th place went to the team of Frank Barainyak, Senior and Junior, who brought 2 fish to the scales for 6.86 Lbs. with a big fish of 4.52 pounds to take home a $ 50.00 Zee Bait Company card, a local plastic manufacturer from Chester Springs, Pa.

10th spot and 2 pair of Boomerang Tool Company line snips went to the team of Paul Badders and Randy Rogers who brought 3 fish to the scales for 5.07 Lbs.

11th place place took home $50.00 in Hi Seas fishing line, Mike Sentore and Sean McKee weighed in 2 bass for 4.60 pounds.

12th place earned a $ 30.00 GRT Jigs card from Scott Dise in York, Pa. Mark Ely and Jerry Gerlach brought in 2 bass for 4.10 Lbs.

13th spot took the $ 25.00 Sunoco gas card, Tom Heckman and Bill Bowe weighed in 2 bass for 3.79 Lbs.

14th spot won a pair of heavy duty zippered Dobyns weigh bags Steve and Zach Weimar brought in 1 for 3.27 pounds to take home the prize.

15th and final sponsor spot took home a pair of 40 % off Dobyns rods cards. Zach Page and Dave Seemans weighed in 2.83 pounds to take home a great discount savings on great rods.

Photos can be found here on our Chester County Bass Masters Open Tournament Series facebook page

1 - Piccolo / Ville - 5 fish - 16.91 lbs. - Tournament Lunker - 5.96 lbs
2 - McNulty / Rehm - 5 fish - 15.22 lbs. - SFT - 2nd Lunker - 5.83 lbs
3 - Hudson / Satanoff - 4 fish - 15.17 lbs - Bass Cat 3rd Lunker - 5.31 lbs
4 - Cowan / Cowan - 5 fish - 14.61 lbs. - big fish - 4.49 lbs.
5 - Essick / Pirollo - 5 fish - 13.74 lbs. - big fish - 3.52 lbs.
6 - Arthur / Robertson - 5 fish - 9.61 lbs. - big fish - 2.83 lbs.
7 - Cassella / Reichart - 4 fish - 9.02 lbs. - big fish - 3.10 lbs
8 - Shrader / Humphreys - 4 fish - 8.16 lbs. - big fish - 2.29 lbs.
9 - Barainyak / Barainyak - 2 fish - 6.86 lbs. - big fish - 4.52 lbs.
10 - Badders / Rogers - 3 fish - 5.07 lbs.
11 - Sentore / McKee - 2 fish - 4.60 lbs.
12 - Ely / Gerlach - 2 fish - 4.10 lbs.
13 - Heckman / Bowe - 2 fish - 3.79 lbs.
14 - Weimar / Weimar -1 fish - 3.27 lbs.
15 - Page / Seemans - 1 fish - 2.83 lbs.
16 - Martin / Christman - 1 fish - 2.49 lbs
17 - Smitson / Chuprinko DNW
18 - Auriemma / Duarte DNW
19 - Messina / LaPorta DNW
19 - Basta DNW
19 - Sams / Quigley DNW
19 - Heivly / Barlow DNW
19 - Manson/ Galasso DNW
19 - Dupont / Eytchison DNW
19 - Geerlof / Horne DNW
19 - Murphy DNW
19 - Sirochman / Sirochman DNW
19 - Montalto / Hauck DNW

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