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Chester County Bass Masters Upper Bay Open Series 2022 Tournament Schedule

Started by Basscat7, November 12, 2021, 01:36:05 PM

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Chester County Bass Masters Upper Bay Open Series

2022 Tournament Schedule

April 2 - CCBM Points Open # 1

May 28 - CCBM Points Open # 2

July 16 - CCBM Points Open # 3

September 24 - CCBM Points Open # 4

October 29 - CCBM Points Open # 5

November 12 - CCBM Cash Open - 3 places paid

For those not familiar with our circuit. We have been running these Upper Bay Opens for 10 years.

Low cost entry with a chance to win decent cash and Sponsor prizes to the first 10 teams out of the money while fishing against some of the best tournament guys in the region.
Our Opens averaged 80 boats per tournament last season.

Cost per tournament is $ 100 per boat which includes the $ 10 Lunker pot. 1 or 2 anglers per boat.
5 fish limit, you can fish solo.
Pay 1 spot for every 10 boats.

$ 60.00 Side Option Pot.
Payout for the Option Pot.
1 - 10 boats - 1 spot paid 100 %
11 - 20 boats - 2 spots paid ( 60% / 40 % )
21 boats and over 3 spots paid ( 60 / 30 / 10 )

The Side Option Pot is strictly voluntary and does not figure into the regular winnings from the normal $ 100.00 TX entry fee.

Once again this year CCBM will reward the overall top 5 point-accumulating teams for the 2022 Open tournaments with end of the season prizes. To be eligible one member must be signed up as the captain, and, along with any partner(s), his team accumulates points toward the year-end point total.

We will count points for 4 out of the 5 Points Opens toward final standings.

Chester County Bass Masters reserves the right to refuse participation in any and all club sponsored tournaments or events to an individual or group who has been disqualified from club or non-club tournaments or events for unsportsmanlike conduct. All entrance fees will be forfeited if adverse conduct occurs during a tournament or event resulting in disqualification.
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