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How did it go?

Started by backpain, June 17, 2009, 08:44:50 AM

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Last night was the first TnT. How did it go? I was out there earlier in the day with the wife but we didn't stay for the tourney. She couldn't handle the cold and the wind till 10:00. We only managed a few dinks as well, so it is kind of good we didn't enter lol! How did you guys do?


Havent heard results or anythign yet.  I guess eeryone's still sleeping :)


i caught one that went 2.5 and one that was about 14 3/4 inch. my partner caught 2 dinks. winners had 3 fish for 8.?? lbs and a fish just shy of 5lbs. they made about $620. not bad for 4 hours :grin:
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Lunker was 4.55lbs.  Dave will post results.


Quote from: dan61psu on June 17, 2009, 08:55:27 AM
Havent heard results or anythign yet.  I guess eeryone's still sleeping :)

I sent you an email this morning... where are the results?   :shocked:    :grin:
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OK, ok, I'll go out to the shed.   Be back in a few minutes...



1. Martin/Grow 3 fish 8.27lbs
2. Ward/Williams 3 fish 6.87lbs
3. Padden/Davis 2 fish 5.61lbs
Lunker: Martin/Grow 4.55lbs

28 Boats
56 Fishermenpersons
Total: 18 fish 38.2lbs