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TNT Participants, PLEASE READ!

Started by Pillager, July 22, 2009, 02:14:45 PM

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I was spoken to by the park ranger last night and I talked to some of the participants of the tournament about a couple of things:

1 - Participants are not to park in the overflow lot if the main lot is not full yet.  Last night we had only 21 boats and almost all should have been in the main lot, but there were probably 8 or more in the grass lot by the ramp.

2 - Drive SLOWER on the entrance road than the 25 MPH posted speed ESPECIALLY if there are people around the horse pens or walking along the road.

They are going to start doing one of two things:

Write tickets which will not be in anyones best interest
Pull our permit and the tournaments are done

PLEASE abide by these guidelines and all park rules and we should be able to continue to have great tournaments.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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