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CCBM November 14 Open results and year end standings

Started by Basscat7, November 15, 2015, 12:49:38 PM

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Chester County Bass Masters held their fifth and final Open of the 2015 season on November 14th out of Anchor Marine in North East, Maryland.

The title sponsors for the tournament were Browning Eyewear and Susquehanna Tackle.


20 Teams made their way to the Upper Bay on a very windy and cold fall Saturday to search for the Upper Bay's big largemouth that have been feeding up in the past few weeks in anticipation of winter.

Air temps at launch were around 38 but a stiff northeast wind made it feel a bit cooler. The tournament launched at 6:30 under partly cloudy skies with a forecast high of 50.  Winds were a steady 15 at launch and were gusting to 25 by 10:00.

Water temps were in the 50 to 54-degree range depending on where you fished, with some off-colored water in areas of the North East.

Launch was on the end of the falling tide with low around 7:00.  High was supposed to be around noon but the high winds kept the tide from coming in so the day was spent fishing a steady low tide.

The fishing was tough for the most part with only a handful of teams finding any concentration of bass. 8 limits were brought to the scales for the 2:30 weigh in, with 9 bags over 10 pounds.

Seven bass over four pounds and three over 5 pounds brought to the scale, not bad considering the conditions.

4 cash places were paid, along with 6 sponsor prizes from Susquehanna Tackle, Browning Eyewear, River Bottom Reels, Cabela's of Christiana Mall, Sunoco, and GRT jigs.

Thanks to everyone who came out to fish, we and our sponsors appreciate the support and friendly competition. We will be running 5 Opens again in 2016 with point totals being kept and the top 3 teams for the season again will receive prize packages to be determined.

First place payout went to the team of Sean Geerlof and Stan Horne. No strangers to fishing the Upper Bay, they brought in a nice limit of 18.73 pounds. Included in that bag was the tournament Lunker, an impressive 6.01 Upper Bay largemouth.

Second place cash went to the team of Dave Kovack and Brian Setlock who brought in a 5 fish limit weighing in at 16.22 Lbs. with a big fish of 4.82, nice work on a tough day.

Third place money was won by the team of Bill Cowperthwait and Adam Mihara who brought 5 bass to the scales that topped out at 16.03 Lbs., with a big fish of 4.16 pounds. Another great bag for the conditions.

Fourth place dough was earned by the team of Ryan Fry and Justin Thorp who weighed in a 5 fish limit for 13.93 Lbs. with a big fish of 3.61 pounds, a good bag for the day.

Fifth place was the first team out of the money. Winning a Cabela's gift card was the team of Chris Savidge and Kevin Young who brought 5 bass for 12.70 pounds to the scales which include a hefty 5.41 fat girl.

Sixth place went to Luke Shrader and Cliff Humphreys, always a threat at the Opens, they brought in a 5 bass limit for 11.24 pounds with a big fish of 3.72 pounds earning them the River Bottom Reels gift certificate.

Seventh place and a Sunoco Gas card went to the team of Donald Shetler and Rodney Eshleman who weighed in 3 bass for 10.82 pounds and a big fish of 3.80.

Eighth place went to the team of Don White and Ralph Kappenstein who weighed in 4 bass for 10.76 pounds and a big fish of 4.12.

Ninth place was the team of Mike Piccolo and Jamie Harth who brought in 5 bass for 10.60 and a big fish of 3.59 pounds.

The Susquehanna Tackle second lunker $ 50.00 gift card was won by the team of Ben Werbos and Ryan Widger who weighed in a 5.42 pound Upper Bay beauty.

1 - Geerlof / Horne                   - 5 fish - 18.73 lbs. - Tournament Lunker - 6.10 lbs
2 - Kovack / Setlock                 - 5 fish -  16.22 lbs. - big fish - 4.82 lbs.    
3 - Cowperthwait /Mihara          - 5 fish -  16.03 lbs. - big fish - 4.16 lbs
4 - Fry / Thorp                         - 5 fish - 13.93 lbs.  - big fish - 3.61 lbs.
5 - Savidge / Young                  - 5 fish - 12.70 lbs. - big fish - 5.41 lbs.
6 - Shrader / Humphreys          - 5 fish -   11.24 lbs. - big fish - 3.72 lbs.
7 - Shetler / Eshleman              - 3 fish -  10.82 lbs. - big fish - 3.80 lbs.
8 - White / Kappenstein            - 4 fish -  10.76 lbs. - big fish - 4.12 lbs.
9 - Piccolo / Harth                    - 5 fish -  10.60 lbs. - big fish - 3.59 lbs.
10 - Werbos / Widger               - 3 fish -   9.97 lbs. - SFT second lunker - 5.42 lbs.
11 - Croce / Pitcherello             - 5 fish -   8.93 lbs.
12 - Rosenzweig / Kraut            - 4 fish -   7.19 lbs.
13 - Weimar / Montalto             - 2 fish -   4.84 lbs.
14 - Novak / Danner                  - 1 fish -   4.79 lbs.
15 - Jackson / Stutts                 - 1 fish -  2.78 lbs.
16 - Cassella / Patton                 DNW
17 - Detweiler / Schoener            DNW
18 - Murphy / Murphy                 DNW
19 - Newcombe / Best                DNW
20 - Waeckel / Wade                  DNW

The top team for the 2015 CCBM Open tournaments was Luke Shrader and Cliff Humphreys who accumulated 384 points in their best 4 of 5 tournaments. The team earned $ 250.00 in Tackle Warehouse gift cards for their performance.

Second place for the 2015 season was the team of Lou Croce and Jimmy Pitcherello who put up 382 points with their best 4 of 5 and earned 2 pair of Zeiss lens polarized sunglasses from Browning Eyewear.

Third place and winners of $ 125.00 in Sunoco Gas cards was the team of Mike Sentore and Sean McKee who accumulated 380 points in their 4 tournaments.

Full Team standings can be found down on the left side of the Open Standings and Results page :


Open photos can be found here for free download
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