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April 4th Open rescheduled

Started by Basscat7, March 29, 2020, 06:44:03 PM

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Chester County Bass Masters Upper Chesapeake Bay Open Series.

With all that is happening with the novel coronavirus, it is a very fluid situation with changing parameters in real life and in our tournament world.

Most states around us have already pulled tournament permits for April.

Launch ramps are closed or adding a lot of important and protective restrictions on how tournaments can be run.

While young, healthy people may not be at high risk with this virus, older members and immune compromised relatives are.

As conscientious adults, we have an obligation to protect the vulnerable members of our society.

At this point in time we cannot responsibly hold our Open on April 4th and have it up to our standards for running a fun, competitive, efficient, and safe tournament.

We are rescheduling the April 4th Open TX to SUNDAY, May 24th.

Hopefully things are back to a semi-normal state soon and we can launch the trail with our Open already scheduled for May 2nd.

(Mark your calendars for June 7 also, as we are registering that date since it is quite possible we will need to use it as well.)

Thank you for understanding why this decision was made and for all of your support of our tournaments.

We hope to see all of you on May 2nd for our CCBM Upper Bay Open.

CCBM Open Dates:

May 2
May 24
June 27
September 19
October 24

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