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Maryland and Anchor Marine regulations to hold our Open tournaments

Started by Basscat7, May 20, 2020, 11:07:42 PM

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Maryland and Anchor Marine regulations to hold  our Open tournaments under the Covid restrictions :

Anchor Marine has allowed us to hold this CCBM Open tournament at their facility this weekend.  It will be busy and we want to minimize the waiting times for all of us.
We also need to follow the State guidelines still in place for distancing.
We'd like to thank Butch along with Freddie and Kay for meeting with us and working out a plan to be able to have our event.
Don't forget to tip your cart driver if you get a ride.

Morning launch and Registration :

As soon as you pull into the Anchor Driveway, if there is a line, please send your partner up the the ramp table to check in, pick up your boat number and your instruction sheet.
You get your boat ready to launch while waiting in line.
No one should be pulling up to the ramp after sitting in line and then get out to register.
Anchor will not allow any boats to sit at the ramp area if they are not ready to immediately launch.
You will be sent to the back lot if you are not ready to launch and have to launch at the end.
The only thing you should need to do AT THE RAMP is unhook your winch strap.

No gatherings or groups of 10 or more, anywhere, anytime.

Must still have 6 feet of space between people.

Face masks (or  buffs ) must be worn over mouth / nose area when you are around others at Registration / Livewell Check, Weigh in area, back lot or riding on the golf carts.

Please have some type of disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer  in your vehicle / boat.  Use it to clean hands before coming up to register in morning or when bringing your bag to the scale.

We will have a small table at the ramp for morning registration.  One person from each boat come up and check in and get your boat number chip.

Ask any questions you may have at this time.

Please keep 6 feet distance if there is a waiting line.

We will hand out an Instruction sheet for launch and weigh in procedures.  Please read it and follow the directions.

Launch should be between 5:15 and 5:30, depending  if all the boats are in the water and ready.

We will launch boats in flights of 10   from the no wake buoy area.

First flight boats   1 - 10 back at 2:30
2nd flight  boats 11 - 20 back at 2:40
3rd  flight boats  21 - 30 back at 2:50
4th flight boats   31 - 40 back at 3:00
5th flight boats   41 - 50 back at 3:10
6th flight boats   51 - 60 back at 3:20
7th flight boats   61 - 70 back at 3:30

Afternoon check in and weigh in :

Anchor does not want us tying boats up to any docks unless we absolutely have to.

We will have boat Check In on the water.  A check in boat will be in the No Wake Zone, out across from the Donzi dock between the first two cuts.  at 2:15.

Check in Operator will have a bright chartreuse vest on.

This will be the on time mark for tournament check in.  You must have spoke to the check in operator and give them your boat number to be on time.

Every TX boat must go by the check in boat and give them your boat number and number of fish you will be bringing to the scales.

Please allow yourself enough time to do this according to your flights check in time.

Late Penalty is still the same  - 1 pound per minute late, DQ after 15 minutes.

Boats will proceed to the first finger pier next to the ramp and pick up the weigh bags from one of our guys.

You will then loop back out and around out of the way in the first cut / park dock area and bag up your fish and put a cull tag on which one you want weighed for lunker.

Boats that have their fish bagged will drop off their riders with the bag of fish ( and the truck keys to retrieve their trailer )  at either the Nauti Goose docks, or possibly the ramp dock,  if the area is not too crowded.

Rider will bring the bag to the scales.   
Keep the water in your bag, just hand off the mesh bag to the tub operator.

Fish will be measured and weighed, then put back into the water bag and taken over for a quick photo.
Only hold 2 fish for the photo.   
Fish will then be put into the release tube back into the river.

Rider will then proceed to get the boat trailer and pull the boat and park out in the back lot.

We will stream the weigh in live on the  Chester County Upper Bay Open Series  Facebook  page.

We will stream the entire weigh in with the scale LED readout visible, this way contestants can sit in their trucks in the back lot and watch.

Once we calculate weights / prize winners  we will text / call the people who have won to come up and retrieve their cash envelopes or sponsor prizes with a quick photo for our sponsors in front of the Banners.

We can't have any groups larger than 10 standing around, Anchor has asked that we not have people standing and watching the weigh in.
Please watch from your truck on Facebook live as stated above.

Below are the Off Limit area Photos and the Launch ramp area boat check in instruction Photo.

We would like to thank all of you for following these directions so we can have a fun, safe tournament.

Off limits at launch ramp

Southern Off Limits, South Point of Bush River to Plum Point on the Bays Eastern Shore.  You can fish the Bush and Still Pond and the Creeks in Still pond

Instructions for checking in and getting weigh bags :
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