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Club Openings

Started by Basscat7, October 18, 2020, 08:36:52 PM

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Chester County Bass Masters has a few openings for new members to fish the upcoming 2021 Club season.

We are realigning some and opening the club up for 2 boaters and 5 riders to join one of the best true Bass Clubs in the area.


The club has been around since 1976 ( under different names ).

We fish 4 primary locations:

Nanticoke River - Seaford Ramp ;
Upper Bay - Anchor Ramp;
Conowingo - Glen Cove Ramp
Plus 2 of the Sassafras / Wicomico / Marshyhope Rivers.

We have around 30 members from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Jersey.

It is a draw club, we draw pairings each monthly meeting to pair riders with boaters for each Club TX.
The only thing we ask of Members is to try and fish most of the club schedule if possible, 12 tournaments.

We count 7 of the 12 for AOY points.
The Club belongs to the Maryland BASS Nation.
For more info and how to join send email to :

Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.