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Chester County Bass Masters Open # 5
Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Contingency Money available from these 3 sponsors, see their websites for what is available for winning one of our Opens.

Power Pole - Captains Cash Contingency
T & H Marine - Atlas Awards Cash Contingency
Bass Cat Boats - Quest Cash Contingency

You must be signed up for each Companies Contingency Awards and follow their rules to claim the Cash.

Tournament Sponsors :

Dobyns Rods
Zee Bait Company
Simms Fishing
Eastern Marine of Newark
Hi Seas Fishing line
Trailer Parts Superstore of Newark
Hydracoat Sytems
Boomerang Tools
Cal Coast Fishing - Clip n Cull
Steak & Main - Northeast Md.
ServPro of Hunt Valley
ProAction Restoration
Jim Schmucker's Fiberglass Repair
Page Precision Cuts - Landscaping
BUFF- USA - Sun Protection
Native Tungsten Weights
MRL Marine - New Castle, De.
Rhino Linings of De.
Venom Lures
Nichols Baits
Hayabusa Hooks
Harmony Fishing Tackle
Smallmouth Crush
13 Fishing
Catch Commander Scales
Black Rifle Coffee Company
Paul's Plastering
Susquehanna Fishing Tackle

Entry fee: $100.00 per boat ( this includes the $10 Lunker )
Prize money: 80% payback
Registration : 5:00 - 7:00 a.m. at the ramp (Anchor Marina)
Launch: First light ( 7:00 a.m. )
Lunker Pool :100% payback.
Pay 1 spot per 10 boats
Field Format: One or two anglers per boat, 5 fish per boat.

$ 60.00 Side Option Pot.
Payout for the Option Pot.
1 - 10 boats - 1 spot paid 100 %
11 - 20 boats - 2 spots paid (60% / 40 % )
21 boats and over 3 spots paid ( 60 / 30 / 10 )

The Side Option Pot is strictly voluntary and does not figure into the regular winnings from the normal $
100.00 TX entry fee.

Online payment and registration:
Info can be found pinned at the top of this page :

$ 200.00 Gift Card to Rhino Linings of Delaware Custom Truck Shop will be awarded to the smallest limit.
$ 50.00 Cabelas card to the heaviest Smallmouth weighed.

Dobyns Rods prize pack or Black Rifle Coffee pack to top 3 spots
$ 100.00 Susquehanna Fishing Tackle gift card to the Second Lunker

$ 90.00 Catch Commander Culling Scale to the first team out of the money
$ 75.00 Black Rifle Coffee gear to the 2nd team out of the money
$ 60.00 Zee Bait Company gift card to the 3rd team out of the money
$ 50.00 Cal Coast Clip n Culls non puncture cull tags to the 4th team out of the money
$ 50.00 Eastern Marine of Newark card to the 5th team out of the money
$ 50.00 Steak & Main restaurant gift card to the 6th team out of the money
$ 50.00 in Nichols Lures to the 7th team out of the money
$ 50.00 in Plastics from 13 Fishing to the 8th team out of the money.
$ 50.00 Venom Lures to the 9th team out of the money
$ 50.00 Native Tungsten weights to the 10th team out of the money
$ 50.00 Hayabusa hook packs to 11th team out of the money
$ 50.00 Harmony Fishing Tackle products to 12th team out of the money
$ 50.00 Cabelas Card to the 13th team out of the money
$ 50.00 Hi Seas Fishing line to the 14th team out of the money
$ 50.00 Boomerang Tools / Smallmouth Crush items to the 15th team out of the money


1 - 5 fish limit per boat. Largemouth or Smallmouth. 12 inches ( short fish brought to scales will result in loss of biggest fish )
2 - 8-ounce penalty per dead fish - does not reduce Lunker weight
3 - Artificial lures only. No live bait
4 - All 2021 Maryland fishing and boating laws will apply
5 - All boats must be equipped with a factory installed operational aerated live well (10 gal min.)
6 - All boats must have all safety equipment available
7 - All boats must be inspected before launching
8 - No alcohol or illegal drugs permitted
9 - A 1 lb. per minute penalty will be assessed for late return, up to 15 minutes. After 15 you are
disqualified. Late penalty is also applied to Lunker weight
10 - Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a disqualification
11 - Please keep a courtesy distance from other boats
12 - Trolling as a means of fishing is prohibited
13 - In the event of a tie, the most-alive fish wins. If still a tie, the largest fish wins
14 - The decision of the Tournament Director is final
15 - There will be no fishing after your boat number is turned in.
16 - It is up to you to have liability insurance coverage on your boat
17 - Solo entries are allowed
18 - Ramp fee is responsibility of the boater.
19 - Life vests must be worn when gas motor is running and kill switch attached when boat is in gear.
20 - Weigh bags will be provided for contestants to use.
21 - Off Limits :
1 - Inside the diagonal line from the fixed fishing pier at the town park to the east ( Blue house ) side of the first canal on the left as you leave the marina, this includes the entire Anchor Marina basin and Nauti Goose docks.
2 - Below a west-east line across the bay from the south point of Bush River to south point of Still Pond Cove. The Bush River and Still Pond will be the southernmost fishable waters for the Opens
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Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.

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Re: Chester County Bass Masters Open # 5 Saturday, October 16th, 2021
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After conclusion of weigh in and Awards for the CCBM Open # 5 on Oct 16th we will calculate the Top Points Finishers for the 2021 CCBM Upper Bay Open Series and  Award the top 5 Teams in points ( best 4 TXS ) with some really nice prizes from Chester County Bass Masters and our Sponsors.
You can go to any of our Sponsors pages by clicking on their Logos on our Website:
2021 CCBM Upper Bay Open Series Top 5 Points Awards :
1st Place Champions :

2021 CCBM Upper Bay Open Series Champions Plaques.
Each team member will receive a $ 400
Challenger Gore Tex rain suit, Jacket and
Bibs, from SIMMS Fishing. $ 800 total retail value.

Simms Fishing
Jackets :
Bibs :
2nd Place :
$500 Gift Card from Rhino Linings of Delaware custom truck shop.
good for anything in the store, Tires, wheels, exhaust, custom tuners,
tonneau Covers, etc

841 South Old Baltimore Pike
Newark, Delaware 19702
3rd Place :
Dobyns Rods
Pair of Dobyns 7 foot medium Rods, Weigh Bags,  40 % Discount Cards
on any Dobyns Rods. $ 400 retail value.
4th Place
Pair of Mustang Survival Accent 100 MPH Live Vests From Bass Cat.Boats
$ 250 retail value.
5th Place
Eastern Marine of Newark
$ 200 Gift Card

Good for anything, Oil, Batteries, boat and trailer parts,
Fishing gear, etc.
Eastern Marine / Trailer Superstore
931 S. Chapel St.
Newark, Delaware 19713
Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.