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CCBM April 2nd Open results - 2022

Started by Basscat7, April 06, 2022, 10:35:44 AM

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Chester County Bass Masters held their 1st of five opens for the 2022 season on April 2nd out of Anchor Marine in Northeast Maryland.

80 Teams showed up on a cold spring Saturday in search of a 5 fish limit of Upper Bay black bass.

The largemouth were in pre spawn mode, but fluctuating weather and water temps the last few weeks have the bass unstable with the bite being tough for most anglers.

The field was full of the best Upper Chesapeake Bay fisherman the 5 state area has to offer.

The areas 2nd winter decided to make a showing the week leading up to the tournament, dropping water temps almost 10 degrees by Saturday.
A cool rain front moved thru the area Thursday along with a windy Friday.

Winds died down to 5 - 10 for tournament morning but picked up to 15 by noon.

Air temps at launch were around 35 with a little breeze. The tournament launched at 6:30 under partly cloudy skies with a forecast high of 56.

Water temps were in the 41 - 45 degree range depending on where you fished. Water color was a little dirty from the previous rain/wind.

Launch was on dead low tide with high around Noon.

Unfortunately, winds kept the tide from coming in, by Noon it still looked like mid low tide on the river.

Eight flights went out with the first flight due back at 2:30 and each additional flight of 10 boats due back ten minutes apart.
Catching was tough with the frontal systems and water temp drop. The Bass were as shut down as the Upper Bay can get.

4 five fish limits were brought in.
3 teams had 4 fish
5 bass over 4 pounds were weighed in.
3 bass over 5 pounds were weighed in.
1 bass over 6 pounds were weighed in.

10 cash places were paid, along with 18 sponsor prizes from Susquehanna Tackle, Rhino linings of Delaware, Dobyns Rods, Zee Bait Company, Steak & Main Restaurant, Eastern Marine of Newark, Nichols Lures, 13 Fishing, Cabelas - Pauls Plastering, Buff USA, Pro-Tec Boat Care Products, Harmony Fishing Tackle, Bass Pro Shops, Boomerang Tools, Smallmouth Crush, Hayabusa Hooks, Native Tungsten Weights, Hi Seas Line, Bass Cat, Simms, Venom Lures, Buck Brook Farms, Trailer Parts Superstore of Newark, Upper Bay outdoors and Black Rifle Coffee Company.

34 boats participated in $ 60 option pot which paid 3 spots.

The winning boat is eligible for the Power Pole Captains Cash and the T & H Marine contingency cash if they are signed up for those programs.

Thanks to everyone who came out to fish, we and our sponsors appreciate the support and friendly competition

The next Chester County Open tournament of 2022 will be on Saturday, May 28th out of Anchor Marine.


First place cash payout and championship plaques went to a team that is no stranger to winning on the Upper Bay.
Joe Thompson and James Audette.
The pair found the right bites to bring in a 5 fish limit of 20.47 Lbs to take home the win and a really nice payout.
Their big fish was 4.95 lbs.
The Team also took home additional $$$$$ by entering the $ 60 Option Pot and taking first place cash there.
Along with the cash, the team also received a nice package of products from Dobyns Rods !
Congrats Joe and James on a very profitable day !

Second place cash went to Duke Nave and Steve Allender. The team put together an outstanding 5 fish limit for this day weighing in at 15.42 Lbs.
Included in their bag was a 5.15 Lb. Upper Bay fattie that was the Susquehanna Fishing Tackle 2nd Lunker for the tournament, winning them $ 100 card from SFT.
The pair also entered the Option Pot taking home the $$$$ for 2nd place from that voluntary pot.
Along with the cash, the team also received a nice package of products from Dobyns Rods !
Congrats to Duke and Steve on an great performance on a really tough day !

Third place money was won by Michael Machmer and Denny Bianco who brought a 5 fish limit to the scales that topped out at 13.75 Lbs.putting some nice cash in their pockets.
Along with the cash, the team also received a nice package of products from Dobyns Rods !
Congrats to Mike and Denny with a decent bag for the conditions !

Fourth place dough was earned by Derick Olson and Cody Barry weighing in a 5 fish bag for 12.56 Lbs.
The Pair also entered the $ 60 Option Pot, taking home $$$ for 3rd place cash from that voluntary pot.
Congrats to Derick and Cody on a limit of Upper Bay bass for the day when only 4 teams were able to do that !

Fifth place coin went to the team of Conor Cahill and Adam Satanoff - who weighed in 4 fish for 10.37 Lbs. Great work on the day. Their big fish was 4.14 lbs.

Sixth place cash was collected by the team of Matt Weber and Terry Hodge who brought 3 fish to the scales for 9.52 Lbs. with a big fish of 4.14 Lbs. Nice finish in a big field.

Seventh place money  was snagged by the team of Herb Weichman and Marcus Griffin with 4 fish weighing 9.35 Lbs. Great weight for a tough day on the Bay.

Eighth place and last money spot was secured by the team of Mike Piccolo and Scott McAnulty who only brought 2 bass to the scales, which normally would place you down in the 50th place range.  But, when one of the two fish is the Tournament Lunker and the day is as tough as this one was, those 2 fish rewarded them with some cash.
The team also earned some extra money with their CCBM Tournament Lunker, a 6.38 big girl that was worth an additional $ 800 in the cash lunker payout.

9th thru 23rd spots won gift cards or product from Pro-Tec Boat Care, Black Rifle Coffee Company, Zee Bait Company, Eastern Marine of Newark, Steak & Main restaurant of North East, Nichols Lures, 13 Fishing, Venom Lures, Native Tungsten, Hi Seas Line and Hayabusa Hooks, Harmony Fishing Tackle, Pauls Plastering-Bass Pro Shops, Boomerang Tools,Native Tungsten Weights, Hi Seas Line, Upper Bay Outdoors and Venom Lures.

Ninth place and First team out of the money won $ 100 worth of Black Rifle Coffee and Stainless Yeti Coffee Mugs.  The 2021 CCBM Open Points Championship team of Duane Essick and Jay Pirollo brought 4 fish to the scales for 9.09 Lbs. to gain some nice points towards the 2022 Championship.

Tenth place was taken by the team of Joe Hunt and Braden Hunt who brought 3 fish to the table for 8.29 Lbs. earning them 75 dollars worth of BUFF USA  Aqua + Sun Gloves / buffs.

Eleventh place was won by Carl Walker and John Sellers. The team brought in 2 bass for 7.35 Lbs. giving them a $ 60 card from Zee Bait Company a local plastics maker from SE Pa.

Twelfth spot place went to the team of Chet Berkey and Chris Patton who sacked 2 fish for 5.10 Lbs.
The team gets a $ 50 Cabelas card from Paul's Plastering of New Castle.

13th spot was won by David Raivley and David Ripa. The team brought in 1 bass which gave them  $ 60 worth of product from Pro-Tec Boat Care and Boomerang Tool Snips.
Fortunately for Team David, the one bass was 5 pounds even and was the tournaments 3rd lunker which earned them a $ 75 bag of Black Rifle Coffee products.

14th place went to the team of Keith Cowan and Zach Cowan who sacked 1 fish for 4.14 Lbs.
The team earned a $ 50 card from Eastern Marine of Newark, De.

15th spot was collected by the team of Jim Miller and Sean Foley who brought 2 fish to the table for 4.05 Lbs. The team won a $ 50 Steak & Main restaurant card. Located on Main St. in North East, rated one of the top Steak house in the Mid Atlantic.

16th place won $ 50  worth of baits from Nichols Lure company, made in the USA in Georgia and some Black Rifle Coffee
Hunter Goldberg and Nicholas Wilson brought in 1 bass for 3.98 Lbs. to take home the Sponsor prizes.

17th place took home a $ 60 worth of plastics from 13 Fishing.
Derrick Lozer and Kric Butcher weighed in 1 fish for 3.51 Lbs. to grab the tackle.

18th place took home $ 50 in Tungsten Weights from Native Tungsten, a local retailer of Tungsten weights and jigheads located in Holland, Pa.
Greg Zinni and Andrea Zinni weighed in 1 bass for 3.14 Lbs to win the tungsten.

19th place won a $ 50 Venom Lures pack and some Black Rifle Coffee
Michael McKinney and Megan Catana weighed 1 fish for 3.11 lbs. to take home Venom Baits/BRC

20th place took home $ 50 in Top quality Hayabusa Hooks and Reins Plastics.
Cooper Rosen and Max Moses weighed in 1 bass for 3.10 Lbs to win the Hooks and Plastics..

21st place received $ 50 worth Harmony Fishing Tackle products. Will Warren and Tom Yaw found one lonely 2.84 Lb fish that wanted a ride and allowed them to take home some nice terminal tackle from Harmony.

22nd spot received a $ 50 card for Upper Bay Outdoors products, a local Maryland clothing company.
Paul Sirochman and Ron Lutz found the little brother to Will and Toms bass for 2.58 lb Lbs to take home some nice outerwear.
A portion of all Upper Bay Outdoors proceeds are donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

23rd and last Sponsor spot took home $ 60 worth of Hi Seas fishing line, manufactured in Chester County, Pa.
They also received sun buffs from Smallmouth Crush
Jeff Choi and Matt Yuengling  brought in 1 fish for 2.41 Lbs. to win 10 spools of line

Cabelas Heaviest Single Smallmouth Award :

$ 50 Cabelas card to the heaviest smallmouth weighed in went to Carl Walker and John Sellers with a beautiful 3.90 lb. smallie

One last Sponsor prize was handed out:

The smallest limit of fish weighed in for the tournament won a $ 200 card from Rhino Liners Custom Truck Shop of Newark Delaware, good for anything at the store. They carry Custom wheels, tires, exhaust, lift kits, custom Leather interiors, and do all service work on vehicles.
Derick Olson and Cody Barry, who also had 4th place in the TX, brought 5 bass to the scales for 12.56 Lbs. pounds to take home the $ 200 prize.


April 2nd Standings :

1 - Joe Thompson / James Audette - 5 fish - 20.47 lb - big fish: 4.95
2 - Duke Nave / Steve Allender - 5 fish - 15.42 lb - big fish: 5.15 lbs. Susquehanna Fishing Tackle 2nd Lunker
3 - Michael Machmer / Denny Bianco - 5 fish - 13.75 lb   
4 - Derick Olson/Cody Barry - 5 fish - 12.56 lb   
5 - Conor Cahill/Adam Satanoff - 4 fish - 10.37 lb - big fish: 4.14
6 - Matt Weber/Terry Hodge - 3 fish - 9.52 lb - big fish: 4.14
7 - Herb Weichman/Marcus Griffin - 4 fish - 9.35 lb
8 - Mike Piccolo/Scott McAnulty - 2 fish - 9.35 lb - big fish: 6.38 lbs. Tournament Lunker
9 - Duane Essick/Jay Pirollo - 4 fish - 9.09 lb   
10 - Joe Hunt/Braden Hunt - 3 fish - 8.29 lb   
11 - Carl Walker/John Sellers - 2 fish - 7.35 lb   
12 - Chet Berkey/Chris Patton - 2 fish - 5.10 lb   
13 - David Raivley/David Ripa - 1 fish - 5.00 lb - big fish: 5.00 lbs, Black Rifle Coffee 3rd Lunker
14 - Keith Cowan/Zach Cowan - 1 fish - 4.14 lb - big fish: 4.14
15 - Jim Miller/Sean Foley - 2 fish - 4.05 lb   
16 - Hunter Goldberg/Nicholas Wilson - 1 fish - 3.98 lb   
17 - Derrick Lozer/Kric Butcher - 1 fish - 3.51 lb   
18 - Greg Zinni/Andrea Zinni - 1 fish - 3.14 lb   
19 - Michael McKinney/Megan Catana - 1 fish - 3.11 lb   
20 - Cooper Rosen/Max Moses - 1 fish - 3.10 lb   
21 - Will Warren/Tom Yaw - 1 fish - 2.84 lb   
22 - Paul Sirochman/Ron Lutz - 1 fish - 2.58 lb   
23 - Jeff Choi/Matt Yuengling - 1 fish - 2.41 lb   
24 - Jerry Gerlach/Mark Ely - 1 fish - 2.38 lb   
25 - Rob Willwerth/Jim Valentine - 1 fish - 2.37 lb   
26 - Travis Nale - 1 fish - 2.32 lb   
27 - Donnie Tomlin/Mark Weatherby - 1 fish - 2.06 lb   
28 - Harry Nurk/Nick Canestra - 1 fish - 1.95 lb   
29 - Dylan Allen/Brian Tomlin - DNW
29 - Eli Amilani/Glenn Kmecz - DNW
29 - Greg Arrowood/Sean Clark - DNW
29 - Steve Baillargeon/Scott Huston - DNW
29 - Jason Basta/Dustin Basta - DNW
29 - Nick Biondi/Dave Curci - DNW
29 - Jonathan Bredbenner/Brandon Demutis - DNW
29 - Ryan Brown/Jake Rash - DNW
29 - Ron Caldeira/John Oldaker - DNW
29 - Mike Cannon/John McGrath - DNW
29 - Ken Cassella/Bruce Richert - DNW
29 - Dan Cornelius/Craig Cornelius - DNW
29 - Loe Croce/Jimmy Pitcherello - DNW
29 - Jonathan Cuccinello/Logan Fitzpatrick - DNW
29 - Steve DiMaio/Dan Jensen - DNW
29 - Ricky Ewing/Tommy Riccio - DNW
29 - Pete Faverio/Ron Galloay - DNW
29 - Kyle Gabriele/Chris Malczewski - DNW
29 - Sean Geerlof/Stan Horne - DNW
29 - Kyle Gilson/Jim Wood - DNW
29 - Matt Goudie/Nic Faust - DNW
29 - Michael Grello/Andrew Treon - DNW
29 - Steve Hannah/Russ Wright - DNW
29 - Daniel Henson/Jordan Henson - DNW
29 - David Keppler/Nick Keppler - DNW
29 - Rich Leadbeater/Chris Hutchinson - DNW
29 - Tom Ledden - DNW
29 - Nick Lepone/DJ Fiori - DNW
29 - Eric Mihalecz/Timmy Nichols - DNW
29 - Dylan Missimer/Robert Seisor - DNW
29 - Sam Montalto/Tom Wood - DNW
29 - Joe Morgan/Jason Reed - DNW
29 - John Nichols/Jason Muir - DNW
29 - Kevin Olbrich/Tyler Drozdowski - DNW
29 - Al Pavone/Ryan Sweeney - DNW
29 - Francis Pratt/Brendan Seeman - DNW
29 - Chris Price/Jeff Semans - DNW
29 - Vincent Pustizzi/Andrew Owens - DNW
29 - Mike Reilly/Max Meister - DNW
29 - Chad Rice - DNW
29 - Terry Roberson/Melvin Smitson - DNW
29 - Luke Shrader/Luther Shrader - DNW
29 - Stephan Sirochman/JW Wade - DNW
29 - Stephen Staley/Alvin Kirby - DNW
29 - Lance Thomson/Chad Everwine - DNW
29 - Rick Ungham/Rob Steiner - DNW
29 - John Valdez - DNW
29 - John Vanore/Ryan Bauman - DNW
29 - Pablo Velazquez/Mike Phillips - DNW
29 - George Waeckel/Jason Bailey - DNW
29 - Steve Weimar/Steve Manista - DNW
29 - Loren Meckle/Broc Termini - DNW
Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.


Golf is for guys whose wives won't let them buy a bass boat

Bass Fishing is like Church, many attend - Few get it.